Social Page Analyzer Review

Social Page Analyzer Review -- Introduction

Facebook has been growing faster than ever. An increasing number of people use it each day to visit on their loved ones and friends. This makes it become a valuable opportunity for marketers to jump into.

But, it is just not always easy to search for information about Facebook, especially if it comes in Facebook buff pages. You need special skills or special tools to achieve that for you.

With this Social Page Analyzer Review I am going to show you a brand new tool that makes the task uncovering Facebook fanpage a lot easier. Let's find out what it is about!


Portfolio: Dave Guindon

Establish Date: 2018-Jan-29

Front-End Price: $67
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Webpage: Social Page Analyzer Refund: Thirty Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche: Software

Social Page Analyzer Review -- What is Social Page Analyzer?

Social Page Analyzer is a brand new powerful tool for analyzing Facebook fanpages, fanpage posts and post comments using 5 built in tools for discovering the secrets behind any successful fan page in just seconds!

[+] Generate ads for page post engagement, clicks on website, optimize for conversions, app installs, webpage post engagements, movie perspective thumbnails, and carousel ad images

[+] Get over 800+ templates based on winning ad designs and reverse engineered niche research

[+] Easily edit any part object of any template with an easy-to-use Draganddrop editor

[+] Save your best designs to your own library to get easy re-use in future ad campaigns

[+] Get a enormous library of over 1000+ royalty-free graphics organized to 8 easy-to-navigate categories!

[+] Insert & edit text out of a massive builtin list of fonts and upload your images to build up your personal customized library of graphics.

[+] Also secure the builtin text space converter to stay below the 20% text and present in Facebook's terms & services.

[+] Buy an additional EXTRA 500+ Facebook ad templates that are optimized for high-converting ad campaigns.

[+] Stop wasting money and waiting days for expensive freelance designers to deliver your ad designs!

[+] See which ads convert best along with your target audience by effortlessly and scientifically split-testing your ad images!

[+] Instantly renew tired ad campaigns using fresh, high converting ad creatives to maintain the clicks, conversions and sales rolling.

About Author

Dave Guindon is the father of Social Page Analyzer. Dave has been known for his industrious work to develop his online business for all those years. Social Page Analyzer is the result of his dedicated work such a long time. Let's find out more about the features in the next part of this Social Page Analyzer Review!

Social Page Analyzer Review -- Feature details

As I mentioned earlier in the day, Social Page Analyzer offers 5 tools so that you can analyse data from Facebook pages with ease. Let's figure out what they are!

Fan page tool

This allows one to uncover lots of Facebook fan pages thanks to this marketing API! You may receive 27 different metrics for every single fan pages on Facebook within seconds.

Massive data

What's more, you get all the emails and websites for any fan page you need. You can use it to contact the page owner and establish a relationship.

The built in "Append alphabet" helps you generate 10 times even longer pages.

Page scores

This feature lets you make complicated pages to communicate a real sense of a true page. Just click the webpage score and do it!

Page score report

This builtin tool removes all the guesswork from your strategy. It gives you the ideal direction to take in a blink of an eye.

Page score report offers a scrutiny look at every detail of Facebook buff pages. Subsequently it will highlight all of valuable details you want to pay attention to improve your business.

Page top analysis

It is very important to realize the necessity of a fan page's very best. It is precisely what the customer sees first and the first impression lasts. The page top analysis will show you what needs to be added to improve its overall performance.

Content/description analysis

Meta and description pick just how much followers it's possible to get. Possessing an insight to these two elements will bring you better results afterward.

Response analysis

Facebook users want fast responses from the page owners.

Engagement analysis

This document shows how important each variable is if it comes to maximizing engagement.

Activity analysis

The activity analysis summarizes your activity and also shows one of that the percentages for every element in the big picture of your strategy.

Posts tool

This tool helps extract thousands of posts in just seconds. Also, the preview posts feature helps to save hours of endless scrolling in search of articles.

Comments tool

This feature is exactly the same as the above that will extract comments from posts pretty fast. You may sort by the amount of replies to find out the most engaging ones.

Work analyzer instrument

By sending post messages and comment messages for this tool, you'll have an insight into exactly what your customers love or hate in order to figure out how to meet their demands.


One more thing in this Social Page Analyzer Review is two filters that you can benefit a good deal from:

Blazing fast quick-filters

With just one click, you will find the data you would like by clicking blazing-fast quick-filters towards the top of the column.

Custom filters

How Does This Operate?

Here's a Fast Example Using the Phrase Analyzer

GOAL: To come up with a fresh t-shirt design idea related to another shirt design I could own or from the competitor's design.

Step 1: Use the comment program to extract comments in a specific post.

Step Two: Send all the remark messages into Word Analyzer instrument

Step 3: Look for a word combination to reveal your thought and see the corresponding messages

Social Page Analyzer review -- Evaluation and Price

Social Page Analyzer starts with $67. This product offers a fee. There'll be absolutely no recurring fee afterward.

Social Page Analyzer is the perfect tool for those that intend to grow in terms of Facebook strategies. Try it now!

I wish you of the best!